-Rev. Dave Thompson, Host Of
“What's Your Story?”

“A disarming and surprisingly genuine voice.”

— Vipp Jaswal
Head International Affairs

"I have been in ministry 27 years and am a ‘born again, evangelical, charismatic, conservative, Republican Christian’ and I encourage you to take the journey I did with Dave." "

— Rev. Russ Smith
City Church, Surprise, AZ

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Reaching across
political, faith, and cultural divides,
I serve as...

a CIVIL HUMAN™ Minister

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What is C.I.V.I.L.?

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Code of Conduct

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My Core Duties

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About Me

  • 1995

    Ministry Education

    Northwest University

    I began my ministerial journey and studies with a BA in Religion & Philosophy, minoring in Biblical languages, while also serving as a Minister of Music in a church in Corvallis, OR.

  • 1998

    Theology Education

    Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

    I continued my professional studies, entering a Masters in Theology program, forcusing on conflict resolution. Additionally, I received a Certificate in Religion & Social Conflict from the Boston Theological Institute, while also working in distributed and online education.

  • 2000

    Education Administration

    Northwest University

    Being disillusioned with my lack of experience in the business and politics of social conflict, I continued my work in Education Administration, focusing on non-traditional students and serving as the Director of Online Education. I spent these years reflecting on my next course of action.

  • 2003

    Political Consulting

    Policorp Corporation

    In an effort to broaden my understand of social conflict, I left formal ministry and launched a political consulting firm. During these years I was fortunate to work with local, state and US congressional campaigns, managing communications and public relations. Finding I had a knack for software, I also built and launched one of the first open source software platforms to manage political campaigns.

  • 2007

    Fortune 500 & Tech

    Starbucks Corporation

    While closing my political consulting firm, I worked as a Barista at Starbucks. I then was very fortunate to receive the largest promotion in Starbucks history, becoming the Lead Application Developer for Starbucks' Global Business Services Solutions.

  • 2009

    Recorded Musician

    Disclaimer CD

    I have spent most of my life performing music (piano/singing) in venues of all sorts. In 2009 I decided to check a box off my bucket list, and put out a cd of my own original compositions called Disclaimer. I was fortunate to secure a great producer, an amazing studio band and an exceptional recording studio/engineer.

  • 2010

    Author & Speaker

    Over Coffee

    After years of reseach and reflection, I returned to ministry and launched my first book, Over Coffee: a conversation for gay partnership and conservative faith. This was my chance to work on a piece of religion and social conflict that was close to home. I decided to reach across the political and spiritual divide to meet privately, over coffee, with hundreds of conservative ministers and leaders, providing a safe-space for them to talk about gay (and other sexuality) issues in their ministries and organizations.

  • 2015

    YouTube Show Host

    Over Coffee with Rev. Dave Thompson

    I launched a youtube channel where I interview weekly guests about their spiritual story.

  • Upcoming Book

Contact Me

I can be reached at dave@revdavethompson.com